The Clarke Hotel – Our Newest Location

As Buddha says, “You do not live your life, but rather, life lives you!” Well, here at Harp & Eagle life just paid us a visit.

We have been quite content welcoming guests to our various locations and then an event presented itself to us. Namely the Clarke Hotel was offered to us.

Five years ago an investment group invested around five million dollars into a building, at the Five Corners in Downtown Waukesha. They created a bar, restaurant, two large function rooms, and lodging facilities into a beautiful boutique hotel.

To make a long story short, we bought the Clarke Hotel for one million dollars, completely furnished. The rooms at the hotel are currently receiving guests. The goal is for the bar to be open in July, followed by the restaurant and banquet facilities.

Sometimes life presents opportunities when you least expect it. Please consider paying us a visit in charming and historic downtown Waukesha. Buddha was right: Life does live you!